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Our Story

Christina's Story

I was born in Athens, Greece, and Ι made my first steps in my father's  village in ''Saint George of Ices'' in Corfu.

My father's  home is located at the edge of the village at the bottom of the  mountain where you can see the best sunset in Corfu and the Ionian sea   seems an amazing paradise. The Balcony of that home, was the place  where I first created bracelets for me and my friends as a child  and the place where I still spend a lot of hours to create  my new collections every season.

From 2013 my dream came true. I became a professional Fashion  Designer and every day from that moment is unique and makes me feel creative and inspired. My lab is in Athens, Greece and an amazing photo with the view of my father's balcony in Corfu, is always on the wall to urge me to  be more creative and unique.

My Uniqueness

My difference ? When I was a kid, I was a typical skinny dark skinned girl where I always wanted to make other around me laugh with my jokes. I had never long feet or perfect proportions, but I loved my uniquenes and I started with my style and my clothes to promote everywhere that we all are different but equal as well. I always wanted my creations to have them only me and noone else. I learned and I alwayes wanted to move against the mass.

No one is Perfect - Love your Uniqueness

 I learned from my family that noone is perfect and noone could jugde me. So from my first creations, I created my first necklaces where noone else could have them. Only me. I Was sure that I was different and I had something special on my neck. The only thing that I had to do, is to like an accessory and just wear it. Nothing Else. In this philosophy I started when I was younger and we still keep moving as Christina Christi Company right now.

Thank you for wanted to know more about me and Christina Christi. 

Best Regards from Athens 

Christina Bardi - Christina Christi


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